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Sunday, June 27, 2010

photoshoot jiran yg i sebat dr dpn umah i..budk skolah lg ni...form 4 klu xsilap...
hahaha..sbbkn xckup model..i rembat je sspe...huhu..but 2 bad...she look awkward 2 pose
wearing the grenn lace kebaya
tis is FIFI...she is older sis 2 ZAI....she's oso still on scool...form 5 if i;m not wrong...
she's gud in da learnin process...
she's wearing blue songket kebaya
amylia..tat is her name..she's awesome,
know her body so well..= nice pose!!
its a pleasure 2 work wit her...
she's wearing black & red long dress
lynn the gorgeous mom..heppi sgt dpt kerjasma ngn die
nice pose from her 2...then adaptable 2 the envoronment...
its a heppi moment thru the moment with her
she is wearin the cream & beige short stunning kebaya..
another pose from amylia
the green dress
earth color

credit to the photographer : HAKMAL RABAH for all those nice capture
i'm hopin 2 deal wit him more after this
thanks 2 all..sbb bg krjasama yg amat2 baek...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

henna sample

among the design

henna draw 2

pelbagai corak
code : H02

henna draw 1

perkhidmatan melukis inai utk anda
code : H01